About YEP


Yupparaj English Program (YEP) was established in 2002, expanding the strong English academic base previously offered in The Mini English Program (MEP). The program places emphasis on academic courses taught in English while following the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. Graduates of the program are thus well prepared to pursue higher level academics internationally while developing the strong values and attitudes– spiritual, social and intellectual– needed by productive Thai citizens.

YEP graduates have had a 100% success rate in entering universities. YEP graduates have been accepted into many major Thai Universities, as well as universities in Japan, USA and Europe. Our students follow the Standard Thai Curriculum 2008 from the Ministry of Education. Using English as the primary language of instruction, they are required to study: English Language, Mathematics, IT (Information Technology), Science, Health and Physical Education. Subjects such as: Social Science, Buddhist Values, Thai Language, Arts, and Guidance & Vocational studies are taught in Thai.