Christmas and Language Festival Cover

Christmas and Language Festival 2019

On the 25th of December, our school hosted a Christmas celebration and a Language festival in which all the foreign language departments (English, Chinese, Japanese, French and Korean) were involved. During the opening ceremony, few of our M3 and M4 students have performed on the main stage. Visitors at our booth could try their skills […]

M3 Field Trip to Sankampaeng

Our Mattahyom three students enjoy a trip to Sankampaeng for a day. Once there, students had a day full of fun activities. First, they have visited the famous Sankampaeng Hot Springs where they had cooked eggs in the steaming water and relaxed while eating them. After lunch they have visited a local temple where they […]

Orientation Camp 2019

The Orientation Camp is a unique experience for the students of Yupparaj English and International Programs that promotes learning and unity outside of the classroom. By the end of the 2-day camp new students will have gained a deeper understanding of the programs from returning students and will have gained social and spiritual enrichment from […]

Intensive English Camp 2018

Here are pictures from our Intensive English Camp this November. In preparation for the TOFEL standardized English test, students participated in interactive workshops to further their development and proficiency of the English language. We were fortunate to be joined by two outstanding teachers from Chiang Mai University, who helped assist students and teachers in the […]

Visit to International Dhamma School

Watch mindfully as our M4, M5 and M6 students pray, meditate and chat with local monks at International Dhamma School. All students and teachers were given customary white clothing and robes to wear throughout the day to symbolize holiness. There is much we can learn through meditation, prayer and from the local monks at this […]